Winter Tire Safety: Why You Need Winter Tires

Why You Need Winter Tires

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Prioritize Your Protection and Your Winter Tires!

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Winter is a time for icy and snow-covered roads, which lead to some severe challenges for your car. It's essential to protect yourself and your tires before attempting to drive down an icy road.

Why Would You Need to Protect Your Vehicles Tires During the Winter Months?

There are a few reasons why you want to protect your tires for the winter. One is the design. Winter tires are made specifically to handle icy roads and lower temperatures. Tires designed for winter will have deeper treads and more stability for hazardous conditions. By protecting your vehicle's tires, you increase your safety, protect your car, protect others on the road, and save on car insurance.

Is There a Difference Between Winter Tires and All-season Tires?

Tires come in different capabilities. However, there are tires designed for the winter and other tires designed to handle all seasons. But how do you choose, and what's the difference?

Winter tires, like Performance Snow Tires, are fantastic for performance and handling low temperatures. They liver more traction because the tread stays flexible even after the temperature falls. Winter tires have tread with more edge and can move snow off the tires with a firmer grip. Winter tire safety is necessary for your car and others, as ill management results are disastrous.

All-season tires are great for an environmental change but are not designed to handle the harsher Canadian winters. All-season tires are great for handling light snowfall and wet roads because their performance measures come prepared to handle various elements, and they have closed tread patterns. However, all-season tires are not designed to handle heavy snowfall or black ice.

Tips to Inspect Your Tires for the Winter

Winter is a difficult time for those that head out on the road. Some tips to consider before the weather turns or heading out on an icy road are essential for everyone's safety and protection. It is wise to check the weather before you off and tell other people about your travel plans in emergencies.

You will also want to make sure you have emergency supplies for your car and your winter tires installed before driving. Another winter tip for your tires is to ensure the tire pressure stabilizes and the trend is still intact. If you have old winter tires, it's a good idea to get them inspected or replaced for maximum efficiency in icy conditions. For example, if you have a tread depth of 2/32", your tires require your attention as there will be little to no traction to grip the road.

Whom Should You Contact for Winter Tires?

If you are interested in finding a quality winter tire for your vehicle to maintain your safety and vehicle protection, be sure to contact Parker Chrysler. We dedicate our team to ensuring your safety and winter tire protection in Penticton, British Columbia and are available immediately. Contact us for any winter tire need or to request a service appointment through our service centre.

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