You'r Car's Health and it's Fuel System

Gas Engine De-carbonizing System

1. Oxygen Sensors
Oxygen sensers get very dirty of time from the constant caking of carbon, soot and chemicals produced by your vehicle's engine. This process shortens the life of your oxygen sensors. When the sensors are compromised they can send improper information to your car's computer, which alters the engine's fuel mixture ratios which causes poor fuel economy, poor performance and excess pollution. TerraClean is proven to extend the life of your Oxygen Sensors, therby restoring fuel economy and performance. 

3. Combustion Chamber

TerraClean also removes carbon from within the engine's combustion chamber and on the intake valves, reducing octane requirment and improving idle and driveability. 

 2. Catalytic Converter
TerraClean is proven to extend the life of the catalytic converter by removing deposits inside the canister. 
4. Fuel Injector
TerraClean will remove the varnish and carbon build-up on the injector tips and restore the spray pattern to a fine mist. 

Diesel Fuel System Service


1. EGR System

The EGR System recirculates burned exhaust gasses back into the combustion chamber. The entire circuit and EGR valves in particular get clogged with carbon and soot. This can lead to rough idling and hesitation. A Terra Diesel Clean service remove carbon from the EGR circuit to eliminate these issues. 
3. Fuel Tank
Water from condensation accumulate in the fuel tank. This can lead to the growth of bacteria, which over time can clog fuel injectors and fuel filters. A Terra Diesel service eliminates water from the fuel tank to eliminate bacterial growth. 
2. Injectors
Deposits from the combustion process can accumulate on the injectors. This can affect fuel economy and engine performance. A Terra Diesel Service cleans the entire fuel system to restore engine performance.
 4. Diesel Particulate Filters
Soot from combustion accumulates in the DPF. Great soot output increases the frequency of regeneration cycles. A Terra Diesel Service reduces sootoutput reducing the frequency of regeneration cycles for trouble free driving. 

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