Factors That Affect Your Truck's Towing Capability


The way your truck is built can greatly affect what it can do. There are many factors to take into consideration, such as cab size, box length, and wheel drive system.


Cab Size

Essentially, the smaller the cab size, the more weight you can haul. By limiting the number of passengers, more of your truck's gross combined vehicle weight rating can be devoted to towing and payload.


Box Length

The same goes for box length - the shorter the box length, the higher the towing capacity. This is because shorter box lengths generally have a lower curb weight.


Wheel Drive System

There are many benefits to having 2WD and 4WD. Because 2WD sends power to only two of the four wheels, the curb weight is typically lighter, which translates to a slightly higher towing and payload capability. 4WD vehicles are slightly heavier, so they offer greater control while driving on slick or uneven surfaces.


This is an easy and interactive tool to quickly check out the towing capabilites of the lates RAM 1500's, RAM 2500's and RAM 3500's. Depending on a vehicles equipment, towing capacities can change based on vehicles overall weight. These numbers are estimations to provide a quick snap shot of towing abilities. Please discuss specific needs with your sales person, or check each individual vehicle's towing limit on the door placard for exact figures and allowances.