Fuel-Efficient Driving Techniques

Fuel efficiency is one of the most important considerations when purchasing a new vehicle, and vehicles such as the fuel-efficient Grand Cherokee 4XE from Parker's Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ltd. in Penticton, British Columbia, can help to reduce fuel costs. Here are several techniques you can use to boost your vehicle's fuel efficiency while on the go.

1. Accelerate Gently

If you tend to push the accelerator quickly when leaving a stoplight or getting up to speed, you're pushing your engine. This burst of speed requires more power, which in turn means an increased fuel burn. Whenever possible, take at least five seconds to get up to 20 km per hour.

2. Maintain a Steady Speed

Consistently braking or slowing down and returning to speed burns more fuel than necessary. Every time you get back up to speed, the engine requires a burst of power, reducing fuel efficiency. Instead, try to use cruise control for longer stretches and stay at a constant speed.

3. Anticipate Traffic

If you need to brake suddenly for traffic, you'll have to spend more fuel to get back up to speed. Anticipating traffic gives you time so you can change lanes, brake gently, and maintain a steadier pace.

4. Avoid High Speeds

High speeds require more fuel, and most vehicles are at their most fuel-efficient between 50 and 100 km per hour. Driving within this speed range can cut fuel expenditure by 20%.

5. Coast to decelerate

Forward momentum helps you use less fuel to get back up to speed. If you use your brakes, you lose momentum, while coasting to a stop saves momentum. Remember to coast to stop lights or signs, taking your foot off the gas sooner.

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