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Foot traffic increases, goblins and spooks are out haunting and candy is handed out by the shovel load. There's a lot going on every October 31st, and we've got some tips to keep you and your kids safe this year!

- Wear bright costumes, reflective tape or travel with glow sticks. Cars are still out on the road and these things will make you more visible while trick or treating
- Masks can sometimes impair your vision, which can cause dangerous situations when out at night. Take some time and do face painting with the kids. Its a fun activity and doesn't impair their vision. 
- Follow all regular pedestrian rules. Its Halloween, not the Purge. 
- Wear properly fitted costumes and footwear. 
- Kids, make sure your cell phone is charged. For the love of god, we have enough grey hair already - just carry your phone with you tonight. 
- Travel in groups and within well lit areas. If you see a dark alley, don't go down it. 
- If parent and kids have a plan of where they are going to be, stick to it. Don't improvise.
- Never enter a stranger's house or vehicle
- Don't eat already open candy/food that have been given out by someone you don't know. 
- Parents, go through the candy when it gets home. We know, it's not a fun job - and its probably going to be alright, but just in case, check them out. 

Everyone have a fun and safe Hallows Eve!