Is the Jeep Cherokee the Ultimate Everywhere SUV?

When comfort and amazing features are musts for your next SUV, the Jeep Cherokee becomes a given. A popular option for drivers in Penticton, BC, this SUV is both powerful and chic, combining the luxury of a spacious, decked-out interior with the performance of a 2.0 turbo-charged engine.

Today’s world is all about smart technology and connection, which are both prevalent components in the Jeep Cherokee. The Uconnect automatically syncs with the Bluetooth capability of your iPhone, allowing you to pull up directions, scroll through music, and respond to real-time calls via voice command. For comfort, the driver and front passenger seats are outfitted with ventilated heating systems to keep you toasty in chilly weather.

The best way to check and see if a Jeep Cherokee is right for you is to take it for a spin. When you have the time, stop in and test drive this SUV at Parker’s Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ltd.

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