History and Heritage of Jeep Trucks


After a nearly three decades’ absence in the mid-size truck segment, the Jeep brand returns in spectacular fashion with the all-new 2020 Jeep Gladiator. But this isn’t the brand’s first venture into pickup trucks. In fact, pickup trucks donning the Jeep badge date back to the 1940s.

480 × 293

Jeep Pickup (1947 – 1965)

The Willy’s Overland brand’s first attempt to diversify their offerings from the Jeep CJ



580 × 340

Jeep Forward Control (1956 – 1965)

Built for work, the FC-150 and FC-170 models were tough and ready to handle demanding jobs. Some FC-170 models even offered dual rear wheels.



1023 × 472

Jeep Gladiator/J-Series (1963-1988)

Resembling the Wagoneer of the same era, Gladiator debuted in 1963 and featured a Dana 20 transfer case and Dana 44 axles front and rear. The name later changed to the J-Series.



640 × 427

Jeep CJ-8 Scrambler (1981-1986)

Similar to the CJ-7, the Jeep Scrambler featured a longer wheelbase and a cargo bed. Fewer than 30,000 scramblers were produced and are extremely popular among collectors today.



1499 × 1156

Jeep Comanche (1985-1992)

The Comanche was based on the popular Cherokee platform. It was similarly equipped and featured a six-foot bed.

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