We've McCafe'd our own oil change program! 

You know what's tough? When I drive into work every morning, the same question always arises in my mind. Tim Horton's or McCafe? Talk about a major ‘first world’ conundrum, I wrestle with the choices and settle on McCafe almost every time. There’s something about collecting the little stickers to complete my freebie coffee card that challenges me to buy more. We thought about it and said there’s something behind this kind of program. Poof! The Service Club Card was born. Just like the McCafe card – you collect stickers from your oil changes, which at the end – gives you a freebie oil change! We’re very excited to announce this fantastic program that truly offers you and your trusty car, truck or SUV a supreme oil change deal.

The program in a nutshell;
1) Book your car in.
You can get a free service club card from anyone within the Service Department at Parkers Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Fiat.
2) Collect one sticker from each oil change you purchase from our Parkers Service and stick to the back of your Service Club Card.
3) Once your card is full (3 stickers), you can submit the card for a fourth oil change completely FREE.
4) Get another card – and repeat.

See! Isn’t that easy –

Some quid pro quos;
1) One customer and one VIN per card. You cannot mix and match with other customers nor other vehicles.
2) Cars and trucks only.
3) Only applies to oil changes purchased from Parkers Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Fiat
4) Free oil change can only be redeemed at Parkers Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Fiat
5) You will get a free service of the three purchased. IE, 3 synthetic oil changes = 1 free synthetic oil change or 3 Conventional oil changes = 1 free conventional oil changes. Cannot mix oil types on same card.
6) This offer is too good to be combinable with other offers.

For any other questions or for complete details, please visit us in our service department, call us, submit a question or even chat with us live below.
You can also book a service directly online – CLICK HERE to book your vehicle in online.

 free oil change parkers service club card.  rear of free oil change service club card

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