Park Like a Pro While Driving a Dodge Charger

Parking is usually a simple process when there are only a few obstacles in an environment. Typically, the difficulty level ramps up dramatically in parking locations that have narrow spaces by wide cars. Dodge has a solution for complicated parking routines, and it's included with the Dodge Charger.

When you sit behind the Dodge Charger's steering wheel, you'll have access to a system that monitors the conditions in a parking environment. This easy-to-use tool is called ParkView, and it can help an inexperienced driver implement parking procedures like a pro. As the Charger backs up, ParkView displays tactical information on a screen throughout the parking process. If the Charger rolls too close to a parked car or nearby object, ParkView will alert to prevent a fender bender.

Many Dodge Chargers are parked on the lot at Parker’s Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ltd. in Penticton, BC. At our dealership, you can hop in a new Dodge Charger and take a test drive. Along the way, you'll have an opportunity to use ParkView and other standard safety technologies.

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