Move over Harry Potter - the RAM WARLOCK is coming.

FCA Canada has finally shown us what they have cooking in cauldron. They're casting a resurrection spell on an old badge - RAM Warlock. In the late 70's, Chrysler once called a special machine for young buyers that wanted a customer and cool look. They touted features such as buckets seats, fancy wheels, fat tires and real oak side boards. 

The newly brought-back-to-life RAM truck offers a Warlock hood and bed decals, powder coated front and rear bumpers, 20" semi-gloss black wheels and a 1" lift kit. It will accompany the RAM Rebel grille, black fenders flares and blacked out badging. 

Ram 1500 Classic Warlock towing an ATV on a flatbed trailer. Properly secure all cargo. Always tow within the vehicle's
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