This year, my wife and I came face to face with the decision that a lot people face when walking into this building. To buy new? Buy used? Wait and not buy? We ultimately came to the decision that it was time to replace our old, trusty, weathered and tired 2003 Grand Caravan. There was absolutely no question in our minds that we were going to buy another van. While we were going to miss our giant golden eye sore, there were features in it that were realized it lacked.

1) Our new van is equipped with 2nd and 3rd row Stow'N'Go seating. Probably the best thing ever. If we were planning on visiting the coast and doing the dreaded IKEA shop, we had to plan it in advance. We'd remove the third row seating (which was freakin heavy btw), store it and proceed on our way. A few weeks later, we'd need the third row and have forgotten to put it back in. Now our seats fold in the floor and back again with very little effort. The storage beneath the seats when they are upright is handy too.

2) We never, ever thought that a DVD entertainment system would be something we would want to have, but you know what - we love it. With the world of IPads, IPhones, Android Devices etc - DVD and BluRay are becoming a thing of the past. That said, our van came with it. But now, we use it all the time. We have kids, screaming, kicking and yelling until those headphones go on and Frozen is playing. Then its a quiet and easy, 5 hour trip to the coast.

3) There's something to be said for being one of the bigger vehicles on the road. It feels safe and gives you confidence while navigating BC's roads and highways. The 3.6 V6 Pentastar engine, is pretty peppy. Gets you where you need to be, quickly (but not too quickly, right cops?) and efficiently.

We considered many things before making the decision to purchase - but ultimately we decided it was the right time for us. Weigh the pros and cons, budget for it and consider repair bills on an older vehicle. You may be surprised to find that it may be more manageable than you think.
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