Winter Driving

You can kick, scream, swear or go to church. No matter what you do, it won't make a difference. Winter is coming. Before you shut me down, and start watching Game of Thrones, consider some things;

1) Our highways can be ruthlessly dangerous. They change rapidly and without any warning. You may start a trip when its nice and sunny, but by the time you get on a highway pass, you probably will face slush, ice, heavy snowfall compact snow or avalanches.

2) I hear the same thing all the time - "My tires are all season, winter's a season - so I should be fine". Yes, they are called all season tires and some claim to handle in the snow. But nothing matches the safety of a certified Ice and Snow Winter Tire.

3) Another one we hear all the time - "I have 4x4, I'm good." Actually, no - no you're not. As much as 4x4 may help you get and stay moving, it doesn't do a whole lot for ensuring maximum stoppage when you need it.

4) Watch out for mandatory winter tire or chain regulations. They usually begin October 1st and run through March 31st. See the map below; full regulations and restricted routes can be found HERE.

Now that I've said my sermon and sufficiently explained the basic importance of winter tires, you may be wondering "where do I get these magical devices?" - I'm glad you asked. We offer complete lines and the offer O.K., Better and Best options for you to choose from. What? Don't have time to call or come in, well it's handy for you that we have one of the only online tire pricing programs available. See what's available in all sizes for any make or model of vehicle. Visit us at our Online Tire Pricing site and see what the best options are for your vehicle.

Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention;
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