Leaks Ahead of Gladiator Debut

The internet is a wonderful thing. Sometimes it gives us GIFs if cats, other times it shows us great recipes that we like on Facebook but never make. Now, we have something important to like; a leaked sneak peak of the All-New Jeep Wrangler Gladiator light duty truck. Information is scarce, but for the most part it will be powered by the same power train that current Wrangler is run with. Also, rumoured to have 3.0L diesel option coming out sometime in 2020. 

It touts best-in-class towing and 4x4 payload. At first, it will be powered with the standard gas 3.6L V6 that comes standard on the latest model of Wrangler. Later, Jeep/FCA will introduce the 3.0L Diesel engine - expected sometime in 2020.

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